Galactic Level Living

A Guide For The Advanced Soul

Course Summary

Have you may have witnessed certain capacities or divine magics that you embody that are not explainable in this reality? Ever feel like you were not from here? Nothing going on here on Earth seems to make sense?

Are you open to seeing who you TRULY are so you can open up capacities in this lifetime and beyond that you have not fathomed yet? When you expand to galaxy level existence, life can be a magic journey. If you keep going to the 3D version of things, chances are you will be met with struggle, doubt, sadness, stress and other not-so-fun experiences.
Galactic Level Living provides a unique guide for YOU. We start with looking at who you really are in this reality and well beyond. We then open up your unique capacities in fun and inventive ways so that you can make your wildest dreams come true from a galaxy level of existence.

• What if life was meant to be so much more than the day-to-day grind you have been lead to believe?

• What if this reality got hijacked and inverted - which is why things seem a little off?

• What if you have innate capacities you did not realize which could make life experience much more amazing than you thought?

• What if the way you have created in the past is not how you move into unlimited possibilities at galaxy level?

Would you like to know how to have more ease and lean into a greater way of being and living from a whole other level you have not experienced before? 


• Experiencing divine magic daily

• Focusing on the beauty of every day rather than solving problems

• Creating from your natural abilities that have been suppressed most of your life

• Living outside the rules and confines of the matrix where your natural abilities live

• Getting to know who you truly are on a Galactic level

• Experiencing authentic joy, love and magic

While moving into a galactic way of life and beyond is an individual journey, let's make the most of your time while you are in your beautiful body, shall we? Living at this level can expand your gifts, knowing and clarity on what you are truly doing here.

There are so many aspects to who you have been taught you are. But, what if you were so much beyond all you have been told?

In Galactic Level Living, we dive into who you really are, the connections to your real origins and what you are TRULY and divinely doing here.

Possibilities exist that you may not have fathomed yet. Your life as an infinite being has not even started yet! We will dive into all things real you and possibility for moving forward into your divine path.

Just the fact that you are here at this time is very telling that you are a divine being who has many gifts and talents possibly not tapped into yet.

Calling all starseeds, light workers, empaths and advanced souls...are you ready for your galactic life?

Bonus: A 30-minute call with Carol (CJ) and a Galactic Report describing who you really are, what your race backgrounds are and what your soul purpose is here on Earth is included ($195 value) if you sign up now. 

The class will be over the course of six weeks with two classes launched each week (Mondays and Fridays at noon) which can be watched at your leisure. Learn who you truly are and how to meet the frequencies of what is next from your divine soul's path from a Galactic level. 

Carol Reinlie (CJ), renowned super empath, psychic, galactic coach and advanced healer guides you to go within, see the bigger picture, live an expanded life and shift to a galactic level of being that transcends anything you have experienced before here on earth. This 12-module course includes a personal life path reading that will help guide you to what is next based on your expanded galactic heritage, mission and overall life path. Two new classes will be shared each week to help guide you on your galactic path and expand your vision and possibilities. 

Course Curriculum

Carol Reinlie

Renee Mango

Yoga and Transformation

"Carol is such a positive, encouraging person. She doesn’t just teach you, she gives you tools to create the life that you are meant to have. She has helped me let go of things Ive held onto for years, live in the present moment and dream and create the life I want. She is all about doing this with ease, speed, and possibility. I have learned so much in such a short period of time."

Dan Kauffman

Owner, Friction Tech

"Carol has shown me how to connect into the quantum field to create, change or shift anything. It has made my life and business much more clear and the outcomes of my efforts much more quick and direct. Her Unimaginable Futures class should be a must for anyone desiring something greater in life and wanting to receive more joy in every day." 

Dr. Audrey Delahunt

Consciousness Facilitator

"I was impressed with the precision and depth of physical and emotional shifts received. Carol's energy and contribution to my life journey has been  a gift. She has a kind and gentle way of helping you to play in the quantum possibilities. Her capacity to help open up to what is next past any blocks you may have put in your way is immense."  

Course Pricing

  • Galactic Level Living
  • 3 payments of

    $111 USD

    per month

    Carol will walk you through the galactic way of being, creating and provide an expanded view of what you are doing here.

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  • New module provided each week
  • Life reading call included
  • Q&As included throughout the program